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  1. Hi Chaitanya Badave, thank you for the review and a very well written article. Although the whole article is very well written, I really like the About Nuelink Company section. It’s a unique section found rarely in a review article and very helpful for users to gain the confidence in a new company before investing the time and money in that company. Your provided screenshot and step by step setup guide help me to understand a little bit about the product without playing with the product. Pros and Cons, Review Box, Alternatives box, About Company section and FAQs sections design is looking good. Overall a very helpful article for new users who want to learn about the Nuelink product.

  2. ” Evergreen Content Library” is new and cool feature.

    If they add “hashtag generator” from post, then it would be really awesome tool.

    Your article has clearly covered all the points. Well explained in lucid language. Thanks for the article

  3. Amazing Article !

    I feel the powerful automation capabilities is what sets it apart. It needs a lot of improvements in the analytics area, but other than that, it seems like a very promising app!

  4. Detailed examination
    Excellent features such as multiple brand management and a content library, as well as robust automation

  5. Nuelink is an automated social media post scheduler. Would love to see how it also integrates with WordPress. It also has a dashboard to visualize the post interaction. However to fully benefit from that I hope they can come out with a scoring system to assess the quality of the post. The user can perhaps set some key milestones to reach the required KPI monthly. Else, with just numbers, the user needs to make sense of the numbers.

  6. I read the complete article and understood how nuelink works. The article is in very simple language and is easy to understand. Really, Nuelink is a powerful tool.

    Thanks for the article.

  7. I appreciate how thorough this analysis is in terms of looking at their product roadmap and what’s ahead. Nuelink’s automations seem like a great selling point, but it seems like they’re also missing some very important features at this point in development. It has potential to be a great LTD, but only if they’re able to stick to the roadmap and catch-up with the competition.

  8. Recently started using Nuelink to help me manage my social media. It has been a huge time saver and I can now focus more on other aspects of my business instead of worrying about posts. It’s really easy to use, and the dashboard is organized and straightforward. I love that I can schedule posts in advance. The automation features have been great for helping me save time and increase engagement levels on my posts.
    Highly recommend!

  9. Thank you for the review. Nuelink seems to look like a promising tool.

    It has few very strong competitors so it will be interesting to see how they handle the development and grow MRR.

  10. Hello, very detailed and well written article. Design is looking very beautiful. Content Collections and brand management are looking very good features. You have explained all the features in a simple language but you forget to update the price.

  11. One thing is missing under Queue. Pinterest post. You can use General Post, but it is incomplete. Missing title and alt text. The other feature that would be time-saving when posting to multiple platforms is auto resizing and post formatting.

  12. excellent review for a premettent product. The roadmap is also important, of course it’s great in constant evolution and you couldn’t put everything in, I’m glad about the possible forthcoming integration with automation tools, from the most famous to the simplest ones

  13. Fantastic review. The article is very clear about what Nuelink does. It give the social media platforms associated to the software and which features are available or not at the moment. Ongoing or future updates were mentioned for the readers to keep track of the adaptability to the new short form video, which is great, because it follows the marketing trends.
    What I like the most was specifying the URL shortener feature and integrated with other apps which helps a lot in the analytics.
    Overall, it is a wonderful tool to use for social media growth!

  14. The review is very detail!

    I agree “Analytics are quite basic and needs to be more in-depth” ideal, the analytics feature is very very important when you want be a solid and different tool in Social media marketing tool world.

  15. Thank you so much for the review, Chaitanya. The article is written well and is very detailed. Nuelink is looking unique with collection and automation capabilities. I like that we can set the number of times our post is re-posted, just set once at forget about it.

  16. I really liked reading your review, it is short but crisp. Provides all the necessary information to make a decision of whether to get this tool or not…
    It is great that you highlight the important parts for better readability. the post in general is very well organized with an about the company section, the core features section, etc.

    Now coming to the tool, it is so incredible. Probably the best social media automation tool in recent times. I like the Content Collections which can really help in keeping all your stuff neatly organized.

    The best part is however the automation… looks so powerful and helps in easily scheduling everything from your blog, etc. on automations. No need to do it manually anymore.

    The analytics are nothing new but still a great thing to have to understand how your posts are performing on social media..

    Eagerly waiting for the social inbox as it will be a great time saver.. also, I really like it when a social media scheduler also has mobile apps to manage your accounts while on the road. Thanks to Nuelink team for thinking this through.

    The evergreen content library is something I want to research more on to figure out how useful it will be for my niche, but I am so happy that Nuelink has this feature!